Not being Erica

by ohdanyel

Being Erica is one of my favourite television shows. It’s relatable, filmed in Toronto, and the main character gets to travel back in time. It’s one of the best Canadian shows out there. Erica Strange is a 32-year-old woman, played by the lovely Erin Karpluk, who doesn’t know where she’s going in life. Suddenly she gets the opportunity to travel back in time to meaningful events from her past. She then gets to alter them if she chooses, or keep things the same.

As a marketing precursor to the show, CBC debuted Erica’s Blog. They wanted to include social media with the show and generate awareness. Erica blogs again at the beginning of the second season. I wonder if it matters that a real person would not be wise to blog about such topics so openly. She includes vlogs about having terrible days at work, and complains about her parents. Most of the vlogs are rants about a character that does not appear on the show. On her own blog, Erica has too much neurosis, but on the show it works with the balance of plot and other characters. It would be much more compelling if it related more directly to the show and wasn’t some sort of weak comedic satire of co-worker related drama. The problem is that she’s not being Erica. If she was, I think the blog could be really successful.

I don’t like what her blog has to offer, but the show continues to have engaging content. I will keep watching on television, but not online.