Molson Coors & social media

by ohdanyel

Molson Coors’ target market is 19 to 24-year-old males. This audience definitely likes to be communicated with via social media, and that’s just what Molson Coors has done. With an engaging facebook fan page, twitter account, webpage, blog,YouTube channel and working with the Olympics, it seems as though Molson Coors has all bases covered. Is their approach effective? Through these platforms they can listen to their customers as well as communicate with them.

Molson Canadian’s blog, Molson in the Community, is written by Ferg Devins, Tonia Hammer (a Humber grad!), Sebastien Charbonneau, Carole Berry, Monique Dépatie, Bryan Cox, Amir Remtulla and Adam Moffat. While the blog is updated often, it seems that the comments are lacking. So this method isn’t so much effective in listening to its audience, but  communicates on their level. The comments that do appear seem to only be twitter retweets with links to the specific article. Perhaps if the blogs were more engaging and asked the readers to participate, they could generate more of an open dialogue.

They’re also not the only beer company blogging.

For the most part it seems the blog is only there to spout news about Molson in the community, and not to interact with their market. They also include very strict rules for commenting on their blog, “Molson blog is about Molson’s products and the community of Molson’s customers. Please keep all comments related to the subject matter of the post as off-topic or spam entries will be immediately deleted.” To me it seems that this goes against the very nature of discussion on the internet. Of course, spam comments would be deleted, but it seems interesting that they discourage all non-Molson talk. By reading the explanation of their blog, they’re doing exactly what they set out to do: keep people informed about Molson.

Check out the other aspects of Molson Coors’ social media campaign, and what my group members though. Kiel looked at their twitter, Erica became a fan on facebook, Cat looked at what they were doing with the Olympics, Niru took a look at their web page and Katy checked them out on YouTube.