Fine Oak Art School

My lovely friend Erica Beyea has started her own art school, and now teaches art classes in Toronto. I’ve been wanting to take some art classes for awhile now, and with the encouraging environment and small class sizes available at Fine Oak, it’s much less intimidating!

She’s offering three holiday art workshops running in December that I plan on attending. It will be a nice break from all the chaos the holidays always seem to bring, and a chance to meet some new people, have fun with friends and be creative! Each day will have a different theme: Dec 27- Portraits/Figurative Work, Dec 28 – Landscapes or Still Lifes, Dec 29 – Abstract. All days run 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Fine Oak also offers a plethora of classes, from portraiture and figurative drawing, painting, and watercolour to portfolio management. The unique thing about Fine Oak Art School is that each program is developed to suit each student’s individual goals.  Small class sizes of five or seven students ensure that each student gets the attention they require from the instructor, as well as a familiarity with other students and their work.

I truly admire her ambition and dedication, and can’t wait to drink, draw and be merry!

Check out all the art classes Fine Oak has to offer!