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What I love today:

The Cults album. ❤

Perfect to accompany all summer adventures.


Why Grooveshark rocks!

Grooveshark lets you access music at any time, any place. It’s one of the most expansive, customizable, and feature-rich online jukeboxes on the Web, and it’s completely free to use.

  1. Type a song in the box and hit enter.
  2. Hit the tiny “+” next to your song choice and it gets added to your playlist.
  3. Hit play!

Grooveshark is so popular because it has an extensive library of music – 7 million songs as of October 2009. Plus, it is available for use in Canada, unlike Pandora or Spotify.

You can “follow” other users and see what they are listening to. This creates a sense of community and keeps you informed of new music. Follow me on grooveshark!

Grooveshark’s blog has info about their new Facebook application, how to add playlists to your WordPress, and their new iPhone app.

Grooveshark runs out of Gainesville, Florida. Founded in 2006 by Sam Tarantino, CEO, Josh Greenberg, CTO + VP of Products, and Andres Barreto, Grooveshark works on a freemium business model. Click here to find out their user stats.

Like many online music streaming sites, it has issues with copyright. If Grooveshark doesn’t last, I still see the trend of online streaming continuing. However, I hope that their new partnership with EMI means they are here to stay.

Why Grooveshark is useful for PR:

  • to watch user trends in music
  • establish a community of go-to users on the watch for new music
  • track user choices and track your artist if you sign up through the Grooveshark Artists section

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